Mattress Battle Is Looking For Candidates To Test Mattresses

You might be the ideal fit for the Mattress Battle Company’s brand-new job opening if your summertime strategies currently consist of sleeping in bed all day. Mattress Battle is looking for candidates to evaluate their bed mattresses at their head office by sleeping on them.

The only eligibility criteria you need to have for this job is to be 18 or older, and you should be “enthusiastic about sleep and convenience.” Mattress Battle Company will choose 3 to 5 finalists out of the candidates to make a brief video pitching them, and from those finalists, one lucky person will be selected for the job.

Also, this 20-30 hour-a-week position includes sleep-testing beds and sharing those experiences in videos and posts on the business’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds for $10 an hour, and potentially college credit!

This job also need you opinion on how a mattress can change your life from good to best under their job’s project “sleeping your best life,” which means that you’d be sharing print and video reviews on the business’s social channels, along with speaking with sleep experts about sleeping practices to get the very best sleep!

The aim of this activity is to provide customers a sneak peek of the brand-new mattresses, responses to real-time concerns, a preview into the business culture, and ultimately discovering the best bed mattresses for you.

For you: Getting money to nap and share on social media isn’t bad. There is no much better time than now to share the fascination for snoozing by offering somebody a chance to sleep on the job!

And getting a good night’s sleep or slipping in a nap throughout the day is valuable. One in 3 American grownups reports having sleep deprivation, which has been connected with weight problems, cardiovascular illness, diabetes, and even death.

The lucky person can also pitch their most outrageous or remarkable snoozing stories in the review: “Perhaps you have inadvertently slept on the train, woken up on a beach in a remote land or took a snooze through that extremely crucial early morning conference.” The best will be given the possibility to sign up with the group and monitor their sleep time.

On a normal day, you’ll need to sleep on many Mattress Battle bed mattress to look for convenience and ease. And Mattress Battle appears to take its bed mattress screening seriously– the candidate will need to review out bed mattress after different circumstances, “such as after taking in coffee and other caffeine-based beverages, after taking a trip far away, in addition to under various light and sound conditions and much more.

Like any other job, you need to have all the preferred abilities like other job descriptions, which include: strong client focus, enthusiasm for item quality, attention to information), but with one exception “a total absence of interest and drive.” This is one advertisement that might best hire advertisements in the start-ups’ world.

To apply, head to Mattress Battle website and send your resume and appropriate info.

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