How do you boost your merchant site’s conversion rate?

Boosting client sales

If you own and manage an e-commerce site, optimizing the conversion rate of your online store is inevitably one of your day-to-day concerns. For good reason, attracting many visitors, but not being able to convert them into customers, does not allow you to make sales. Without turnover, you are doomed to cease your activity.

Here are some tips you can do to boost your merchant site’s Conversion rate.

Optimize product pages to make them irresistible

The conversion rate of a merchant site is the ratio between the number of buyers and the number of visitors. It varies according to many parameters such as the industry, the media and the seasonality of the products. However, there are different techniques to optimize it. The first is to improve the product pages so that they are irresistible to Internet users. This means that they must match your target. In addition, they must be qualitative and explicit for your e-commerce site to be a seller. In other words, you need to find the right balance between images and editorial content.

Incorporate presentation videos on your merchant site

Photos and product listings are of paramount importance for the presentation of your articles. But, you can go further, by also incorporating videos. This help boost your sales. With videos, you encourage your visitors to discover your products in a more playful way. Moreover, when viewing videos, potential buyers are more attentive, knowing that a video generates 5 times more interactions than a text! It is therefore an effective way to differentiate yourself from your other competitors and also to improve your reputation on the web.

For your videos to have the desired effect, they must be of high quality. It’s up to you to see if it’s better to film the article at its place of use or in the studio. Shoot a lot of scenes. Then, to make the cut, use good video editing software. The final video should not be too long. When it is about hosting your videos, you can opt for Dailymotion or YouTube, for example. Then all you have to do is copy the code on your merchant site to view your videos.

Have a buying guide and allow quick searches

Another way to optimize the conversion rate of your online sales site is to offer a buying guide to your visitors. The aim is to accompany them and help them in their process. For example, if you sell clothes, you can provide them with a size guide. In addition to the buying guide, quick access to your various products is essential to convert your visitors into customers and increase your sales. There are a number of ways to do this, such as setting up a stylish search bar. You can also work on displaying menus and sub-menus in your online store.

Reduce page loading time as much as possible

Despite advances in technology, the slowness of websites in general, and e-commerce sites in particular, is still a real problem.

This translates into too long a loading time

for people who are increasingly pressed for time. This is an essential criterion that should not

be overlooked. As proof, 50% of Internet users leave a site as long as the loading time exceeds 3 seconds. In addition, the images of the products do not display well. To avoid this problem, you can reduce the size of your images and videos, remove unnecessary plugins, etc.


Make your e-commerce site ergonomic and attractive

If easy access to your products and quick page loading time are important, you still need to make sure your merchant site is ergonomic and attractive.

The goal is twofold. This allows you to guarantee your visitors a pleasant user experience and to seduce search engines. The result will be even better if your e-commerce site is responsive and suitable for mobile devices such as smartphones and touch tablets. In addition to the fluidity of navigation, it is crucial that a purchase requires only a few clicks. Thus, calls to action must be visible and forms simplified.

Offer complementary products and build buyer confidence

In order to optimize the conversion rate of your online store, you can also offer complementary products. This has a double advantage: keeping users on your e-commerce site and increasing the average buyer’s basket. After a certain amount, you can offer your customers gifts, discounts, etc. Finally, to boost your sales, it is essential that you put your buyers in confidence. For example, you can integrate positive and negative reviews on product listings, display partner logos, etc.

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