Farm Tour

Some of the six to eight calves born daily on the Grotegut farm will now be featured at WAEC’s birthing barn. This awe-inspiring life-cycle experience will be an unforgettable agricultural learning opportunity.

Wisconsin’s Diverse Agriculture – From Alfalfa to Zucchini

Wisconsin is one of the most diverse agricultural states in the nation. Our state’s broad range of climate, landscape, soils, seasons and more, allows us to fill our grocery baskets with every food group necessary for healthy bodies and absolutely delicious meals.

Wisconsin –
America’s Dairyland

You know Wisconsin is called the dairy state. But what you might not know is why, or the impact it has on your life. Every day, a top priority for dairy farmers in the state is caring for their cows to create the wholesome, nutritious dairy product for everyone to enjoy.

Field to Fork –
Feeding Your Family

You will find nearly all of your food in the local supermarket, but it makes many stops along the way to ensure it is fresh, safe, healthy and flavorful. Take a journey of diverse agriculture on its path from how each is produced and harvested, processed and packaged, to how and where it is shipped locally and globally and finally ends up on your table.

Common Ground – Balancing Farming and the Environment

Farmers often are called stewards of the land because of the close connection they have with it. Their livelihood and way of living depends on their ability to use the land and water. Advancements in technology and science have paved the way for farmers to refine and develop practices that will create a sustainable environment.

Advances in Food Production –
The Cutting Edge

Today’s advancements in technology and science allow farmers to care for the land and animals better than ever. You’ll be amazed by the techniques, tools and practices today’s farmers are implementing to provide healthy crops and livestock, protect the environment for future generations, and increase production to feed a growing population.

How are YOU Connected?

Wisconsin’s farms and agricultural businesses create almost half a million jobs in a broad variety of career areas, including many you might not expect. You might discover the career you’ve dreamed of is right in front of you.


Seeing a new life come into the world is an experience like no other. It’s an awe-inspiring event you’ll be a part of when you watch the birth of a calf in this very special area called the Birthing Barn.

The center will also host a variety of events, which might include other dairy and farm production tours, seminars, culinary events, pairings and gourmet dinners. Truly a twenty-first century tourist destination, the WAEC will be equal parts fun and educational.